Paint can be applied over previously stained or painted wood

Spice up your exterior furniture with Benjamin Moore Paints & Arborcoat Stains

It’s that time of year where we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible before being cooped up inside for the winter. With the ever popular outdoor living spaces, it’s a great time to paint or stain outdoor furniture with Benjamin Moore exterior Aura paints or Arborcoat stains. 

It’s easy to add a punch of colour to your outdoor patio. Arborcoat Solid Stain and Aura paint is available in any colour, so you can have a lot of fun!  Arborcoat Semi Transparent or SemiSolid Stains are available in 75 colours. Semi-transparent stains allow the wood texture and grain to show through without too much of a buildup on the surface, while protecting the wood. Semi-transparent stains work best on bare wood.  Solid stains will give a uniform look, but allow the texture of the wood to show. Solid stains can be applied to bare or previously stained wood in good condition. Paint will provide a smoother look in several sheen options.  Paint can be applied over previously stained or painted wood. 

Come in and speak to us about the different options available!